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Dr.Joy's national award winning exclusive time tested homeopathic treatments available for infertility ,ovarian cysts,low sperm count and motility,irregular periods, diabetes,cholesterol, thyroid, cancer in addition to the other homeopathic treatments.

Out station patients can get online consultation *Kindly fill up the case sheet available in my website and send it for getting online consultation and medicines with Dr.Joy. Money can be send by netbanking or directly deposited to my bank of baroda account. Medicines will be send by courier to your address in bangalore or outside bangalore, outside India.

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Hair fall and baldness
Graying of hair
Pimples (acne)
Sinusitis & migraine
Discoloration of skin
Allergic complaints
Menstrual disorders
Impotency and sterility
Thyroid Disorders

Welcome to Care & Cure


Dr.Joy's Care n Cure Health Clinic, the brainchild of a highly experienced 'award winning' homeopathic doctor trichologist and writer of health articles in Deccan Herald and Times of India news dailies.

Dr.Joy's care 'n' cure health clinic offers award winning super specialty homeopathic treatments for all diseases like hair loss, dandruff, grey hairs, skin pigmentation problems, pimples, white patches on skin, psoriasis, eczema, warts, fungal infection of skin, e.n.t complaints like nasal allergy, nasal polyp, sinusitis, tonsillitis, piles, constipation, acidity, gas complaints, menstrual disorders, arthritis, backache, impotency, sterility and more. In fact ours is the only homeopathic clinic which has secured more than 90% success rate in above disorders. For outstation patients and those who are not able to come to the clinic for direct consultation, medicines can be couriered based on request.

Dr. Josy Joy


Dr.Josy Joy receiving the prestigious health excellence award.


Dr.Josy Joy has won the prestigious Jankalyan Sadbhavna award, Health Excellence award and Rashtriya Udyog Pratibha Award for his outstanding contribution to the field of homoeopathy and cosmetology cum trichology. Dr.Josy Joy has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving hundreds of desperate cases through his vast clinical expertise and research in homeopathy for several years has who have come to him as a first and last resort. From common cold to cancer, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, cholesterol, blood presuure, hairloss, Infertility and polycystic ovaries, allergic asthma’s and such, he treats all possible patients who are curable through medicine. Dr.Joy ,the most sought-after doctor is a crusader in the cause of homeopathy since more than a decade whose award winning homeopathic formula proved to the public that allopathy is not the last word to medicine and the correct homeopathic medicines act like a bullet. Dr. Josy Joy has rightly been addressed as the torchbearer of Homoeopathy by his patients and the public alike.Several cases where allopathy medicines has no answer has been answered through’s exclusive homeopathic medicines which you do not get elsewhere.

skype Skype online live video consultation also available with upon prior appointments.Call 080-25561088 for prior appointments with for those who are not able to visit personally in the's skype id is
This skype consultation is as good as direct consultation which saves patient's time of traveling to meet the doctor personally.Medicines will be send by courier/post to your address.Payment can be done via net banking by depositing the amount for 1 month medicines into my bank of baroda account number 26370100002291 ifsc code is BARBOPBBBAN,the fifth character of the ifsc code is zero payable to dr.josy joy at bank of baroda mg road branch,bangalore,India .

At present this service is enjoyed by patients from Bangalore. Kerala,Karnataka,other states of India and abroad India.

Our unique specialities are:
Dr. Joy’s award winning homeopathic treatments.
Dr.Joy’s vast clinical expertise & research in homeopathy.
Dr. Joy's formula proved modern medicine is not the last word to many diseases
More than 90% success rate with ‘o’ side effects.
Faster results which showed homeopathic medicines act like a bullet
Disease cured without surgery for piles, and fistula, adenoid, tonsillitis sinusitis etc.
Exclusive Dr. Joy’s treatment for diabetes, infertility ,thyroid ,cholesterol, trichology and hairloss. Even those not able to visit the clinic for consultation for diabetes and thyroid can get the medicines by courier to their address in India or abroad just by sending your blood sugar fasting and p.p.s readings ,T3,T4,T.S.H readings to my email id

Those looking for consultation other than diabetes and thyroid can get online consultation and medicines by courier by visiting and sending me the filled up online consultation case sheet available in my homepage of the website.
Exclusive Dr.Joy’s treatments available for trichology,hairloss, thinning of hairs in males and females, alopecia[hair loss in round patches],dandruff which is not available elsewhere.
Money can be paid by netbaking facility.

No other branch for our Dr.Joy’s Care ‘n’ Cure health clinic.
Option for online consultation with Dr Joy and getting medicines by courier for those not able to visit the clinic directly either
within Bangalore, outside Bangalore or India.
Online patients can get treatment and medicines by courier.
For online consultation visit and send me the filled up online consultation case sheet available in my homepage of the website
Dr.Joy’s time tested award winning homeo medicines and treatments are available
only in our clinic and no where else.
No lengthy treatments. Quick results assured.
Troubled by recurring ailments from cough to cancer the most sought after Dr.Joy’s award winning homeopathic treatments are only available here.

Kindly note that our clinic is open on Saturdays and Sundays too due to public demand for treating:
All allergy & asthma, Sinusitis & tonsillitis,
ALL ENT Problems,
Infertility ( Male & female)
Polycystic ovaries & Menstrual disorders,white discharge[leucorrhoea]
Thyroid diseases(both hypo & hyper thyroidism)
Hairloss ( Male& female) & dandruff alopecia aerate(hairloss in round patches) Trichology
Diabetes(Both type I & Type II),Piles & all gastric problems
Piles both bleeding and non bleeding types, constipation and gas.
Psoriasis, Eczema, white patches,pimples and all other skin ailments.
Spondylosis[cervical and lumbar] , backache & Arthritis,
Migraine & other headaches.
Kidney stone & gall bladder stone,
Cholestrol & Triglycerdes,Overweight


For appointments kindly call 080-25561088 or 9448461088 one day before visiting the clinic.