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Homeo for better health-2

Looking for a quick fix for sinusitis that has no side effects? Take to homeopathy, says

Sinusitis is one of the most common ENT problems seen today. Homeopathy offers highly effective, clinically proven medicine for treating sinusitis quickly, without any side reactions.

Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of sinuses in our body, which are nothing but air-filled spaces. When the sinuses get infected, the air spaces get filled with pus, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Sinusitis can be acute or chronic in nature. There are mainly four types of sinuses, namely frontal, maxillary, ethmoidal and sphenoidal. It’s usually the maxillary sinuses that get infected. However, inflammation of other sinuses is not uncommon, and sometimes all the four sinuses are involved, resulting in a condition called pansinusitis.

Acute inflammation of the sinus mucusa commonly follows an attack of common cold or influenza. Adenoids and infected tonsils may be predisposing factors responsible for sinusitis. Adenoids are enlarged or swollen nasopharyngeal tonsils that are usually seen in children in the age group of three to eight. The adenoid gland diminishes in size with time and disappears by the time they reach puberty. Homeopathy is found to have excellent time-tested medicines to treat adenoid swelling without having to undergo any surgery.

Other contributory factors which play a role in the development of sinusitis include a deflected nasal septum, nasal polypi and other benign tumours of the nose. Nasal polyp is a thick nasal mucous membrane for which homeopathy offers medicine. The exact cause of nasal polyp is uncertain, but it may be a result of nasal allergy or infection of the nasal mucosa. The main symptoms of nasal polyp are nasal obstruction and loss of smell.

Associated with these are symptoms such as persistent cold, sneezing and sometimes even headache. Acute sinusitis may produce various symptoms like malaise, body ache, fever and shivering. In maxillary sinusitis, pain is felt in the cheeks below the eyes. In ethmoidal type, the pain is over the nasal bridge. In frontal sinusitis, the pain is felt in the forehead region resulting in headache. In sphenoidal sinusitis, the pain is usually experienced in the vertex of the head.

Besides the pain, other symptoms include nasal blockage, excessive mucous discharge and severe headache. The exact cause for headache is still not known, but is believed to be due to the collection of mucus in the nasal cavity.
Chronic sinusitis is usually the result of incompletely treated acute sinusitis.

Another predisposing factor is nasal allergy. It can occur due to a variety of substances and changes that affect the mucosa of the nose, sinuses and sometimes the lining of the lower respiratory tract also. Seasonal nasal allergy, also known as hay fever or pollinosis, is due to inhalant allergens like pollens of flowers, trees, grasses and weeds. Depending on the climate, the peak months of seasonal allergy vary from place to place. Symptoms include intense irritation in the nose and eyes, associated with sneezing, nasal obstruction, profuse discharge and excessive watering of eyes.

Another type of allergy known as perennial nasal allergy may be due to inhalant substances like dust, smoke etc, or food items like milk, fish and cheese. This type can also be due to certain chemical drugs, bacteria or contactants like clothes and perfumes.

Homeopathy has effective treatment for these allergies. It helps in building the body’s immune capacity to fight against these allergens, and thus helps the person to overcome the recurrent episodes of the attack, thus providing a permanent solution to the problem.

Many are of the assumption that homeopathic medicines work very slowly, which is not true, provided the medicines prescribed suit the requirements of the patient. This of course, is possible only by a well qualified homeopathic physician.
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