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Homeopathy for pimples

Dr Josy Joy explains the causes and treatment of skin conditions like acne and sunburn.

Acne is a skin disorder in which the sebaceous glands or oil secreating glands of the skin become over-sensitive to normal levels of androgen. This disorder affects many teenagers.

Its prevalence is common in both sexes, but the peak age of severity in females is 16-17 years and in males between 17-19 years. Pimples or acne are of two types: Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosaceae.

Eruptions are limited to the face, shoulders, upper chest and back. The first change to occur is an increase in sebum excretion from the sebaceous glands of the skin and a change in its composition. But this alone need not cause acne (pimples). For instance, patients with acromegaly or Parkinson’s disease have high sebum secretion rates, but no acne. The second and important change is the formation of the microcomedone.

The microcomedone is the primary lesion of acne, comedones can be open (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads).

The third stage is inflammation of these comedomes, producing papules, pustules and cysts. There are many reasons for the occurance of pimples. Hormonal changes which are common during the adolescent period cause acne.
Poor personal hygiene too precipitates this problem. This is due to the accumulation of dirt and grease, which blocks skin pores and ultimately leading to pimples.

Dandruff is another common cause of pimples, especially the dry type of dandruff which falls on the face and back. Treatment of dandruff by the use radiations like ozone radiations and polarised rays on the scalp may damage the hair follicles and lead to severe hair loss. Dandruff is nothing but dead skin cells which can be treated only by taking oral medications.

An improper diet could aggravate the condition. Eating too many sweets, chocolates oand fried foods give rise to pimples. An erratic lifestyle is another causative factor.

Erratic meal schedules and inadequate sleep, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise could lead to the problem. Patients with pimples are often embarassed by their appearance and this in turn could lead to anxiety and depression.
Patients often lack self-confidence and may have distortion of their body image with associated eating disorders.

By undergoing homoeopathic treatment, they would notice a drying up of pimples and a reduction in the number of existing pimples. There will also be a reduction in associated symptoms like pain, burning and itching. The skin texture also will improve.

Acne is a skin disorder which should be treated holistically from within the body and not superficially using ointments and creams because the outward eruption that we see is the mirror reflection of the internal disorder of the body.
Homeopathy also has very effective medicines for sunburn. This condition is mainly caused by the increased deposition of melanin pigment over the skin.
Homoeopathic medicines are given orally for this pigmentation disorder which clears the blackish discolouration of the skin and returns the skin to its original colour.

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