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Our customers had been constantly asking us for membership with Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic. Keeping it in mind we are proud to announce three membership cards namely Silver, Gold and Platinum cards, depending upon the validity of the card. We offer discounts for various treatment if joined as a member under the following schemes. By joining the scheme members will be entitled for discounts and can undergo treatments absolutely FREE OF COST . The membership card can be obtained by sending a demand draft or cheque in favor of Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic, Bangalore
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Hair fall and baldness
Graying of hair
Pimples (acne)
Sinusitis & migraine
Discoloration of skin
Allergic complaints
Menstrual disorders
Impotency and sterility
Diabetes clinic, Bangalore & Cochin’s diabetes clinic has become the epicentre of trusted india's top rated award winning diabetes and other homeopathic treatments in bangalore,India.Even blood sugar values not controlled by allopathic tablets and insulin injections are very well contolled and cured with's exclusive award winning homeopathic treatments.Kindly do not think that only allopathy is the last word to medicine.These homeopathic medicines are also not having any sort of sideeffects like allopathic diabetes tablets.Even those who are not able to visit the doctor directly can get the medicines by courier to your address just by sending your blood sugar fasting and p.p.s readings by email.

If you miss's india's top rated national award winning treatments then surely you have missed the best in homeopathic and diabetes treatments you can ever dream off.

*visit for online consultation with and sending medicines for patients in bangalore or outside bangalore, India etc.

*Kindly fill up the case sheet for general cases available in the first page of my website and send it by e-mail along with the blood sugar fasting and pps readings for getting online consultation and medicines with can be send by netbanking or directly deposited to my bank of baroda account.Medicines will be send by courier to your address in bangalore or outside bangalore,India.

contact: Dr.Joy’s care n cure health clinic,no:269,1st floor,shirdi sai baba mandir road,cambridge layout,ulsoor,bangalore-8,India.


Already these award winning exclusive homeopathic medicines for diabetes are send to countries like dubai,bahrain,muscat,kuwait,newyork,melbourne,singapore,malaysia,london addition to indian cities like cochin,hyderabad,mumbai,pune,chennai,newdelhi etc.

Kindly call one day before visiting the clinic for prior appointments with