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Our customers had been constantly asking us for membership with Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic. Keeping it in mind we are proud to announce three membership cards namely Silver, Gold and Platinum cards, depending upon the validity of the card. We offer discounts for various treatment if joined as a member under the following schemes. By joining the scheme members will be entitled for discounts and can undergo treatments absolutely FREE OF COST . The membership card can be obtained by sending a demand draft or cheque in favor of Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic, Bangalore
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Hair fall and baldness
Graying of hair
Pimples (acne)
Sinusitis & migraine
Discoloration of skin
Allergic complaints
Menstrual disorders
Impotency and sterility
Hair Clinic Trichologist Bangalore, India



As per the greatest blunder one can do for hair treatment is treating hairfall with extrenal applications like hairoils and hair creams. Hairloss is due to hormonal variations inside the body or due to some internal health disorders. so far treating hairfall internal correction of these disorders are to be dealt with. External treatment of hairfall with oils are just like applying paint on ice.
If you miss's india's top rated national award winning treatments then surely you have missed the best in homeopathic and hair treatments you can ever dream off.


Dr.Josy Joy has won the prestigious Jankalyan Sadbhavna award, Health Excellence award and Rashtriya Udyog Pratibha Award for his outstanding contribution to the field of homoeopathy and cosmetology cum trichology Dr.Josy Joy , trichologist cum homoeopathic superspecialist has done an extensive research work for years on hundreds of patients suffering from thinning of hairs and profuse hairloss and thus arrived at a winning special homoeopathic formula of his own for hairloss and thinning of hairs which resulted in more than 90% success rate in treating hair disorders.Dr.josy joy's care 'n'cure health clinic is perhaps the only superspeciality homoeopathic clinic in india which has achieved a whooping 90% or more success rate in treating hair disorders according to our in house survey.No other clinic can give you such a unique special treatments and success rate for hairloss as Dr.josy joy's special homoeopathic haircombination can give you.Dr.Josy Joy has treated and cured several desperate cases and persons suffering from hair disorders who were taking gimick treatments from other clinics and had lost all futher hope in getting back their lost hair.This is our guarentee.Dr.josy joy's special homoeopathic hairformula promotes the regrowth of your hair in propotion to your hairloss perday by stimulating the hair follicles inside the scalp so that the ratio between your hairloss and regrowth of hair becomes equal and as a result no further thinning of hair occurs and also the density and thickness of your hair becomes more from the present condition of your scalp.If you are not taking any medicines for hair care you will continue loosing your hairs without any regrowth of hair and ultimately you will go bald as male and female patterened baldness tends to become worse as time passees.The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient.These medicnes are totally safe and does not have any sort of side effects.

*visit for online consultation with and sending medicines for patients in bangalore or outside bangalore, India etc.


Trichoscan and trichoanalysis cannot diagnosethe reasons for your hairloss and thinning as per 2 times national awardee as causes of hairloss and thinning are internal like anaemia,thyroid problem,ovarian cysts,stress,liver disorders,sinuistis,hormonal imbalance etc etc which are totally out of reach by a trichoscan.So be careful of not to be a fool by trichoscan gimmicks. 2 times national award winner for homoeopathy and trichology provides specialised award winning time tested homeopathic treatments for skin, hairloss,dandruff,grey hairs, obesity, slimming, piles, acidity, sinusitis, allergiccold, cough, diabetes, hypertension, psoriasis, white patches of skin, warts, etc.

*online consultation also provided.
*Medicines are couriered on request to any destination.

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Kindly fill up the case sheet available in my website and send it by e-mail for getting online consultation with can be send by netbanking or directly deposited to my bank of baroda account.

Contact: Dr.Joy's care n cure health clinic,no:269,1st floor,shirdi sai baba mandir Road, Cambridge layout,ulsoor,bangalore-8,India.


*Kindly note that any superficial treatments like laser treatment,polarisedrays treatment on scalp, oiling of scalp with herbal or medicated oils will never cause any hairgrowth or improvement in your hair density as per's vast clinical expertise.

*Hairloss is purely an internal disorder and not an external problem as many people think. *Public may be cautious of such gimmicks