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Dr.Joy's national award winning exclusive time tested homeopathic treatments available for infertility ,ovarian cysts,low sperm count and motility,irregular periods, diabetes,cholesterol, thyroid, cancer in addition to the other homeopathic treatments.

Out station patients can get online consultation *Kindly fill up the case sheet available in my website and send it for getting online consultation and medicines with Dr.Joy. Money can be send by netbanking or directly deposited to my bank of baroda account. Medicines will be send by courier to your address in bangalore or outside bangalore, outside India.

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Hair fall and baldness
Graying of hair
Pimples (acne)
Sinusitis & migraine
Discoloration of skin
Allergic complaints
Menstrual disorders
Impotency and sterility
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What is Homoeopathy?
This is a serious question that is to be asked and to be understood. This medicinal system was developed and practiced by a German allopathic physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Being upset with his allopathic practice because of its numerous side effects Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was forced to discover an alternative system of medicine, which will cure all the ailments on mankind without causing any side effects to him. This is the inspiration behind his famous discovery. Homoeopathy is based on the principle Similia Similibus Cuvantur the German for Similar Cures Similar. While working on Cinchona (Quinine) he discovered that repetitive dozes of it to a healthy person, he develops chilliness, fever with thirst, flushes the face etc. If the same is given methodically and in controlled dozes the patient having the above symptoms he will be cured. We at Care n Cure offer a wide range of treatments well suited for both children and adults without any diet restrictions. Discussed below are some of the treatments that we provide and that we excel in.



There are various types of hair fall. The common varieties are:

1)    Male Patterned Baldness

2)    Alopecia Diffusa

3)    Alopecia Aerata

      Male Patterned Baldness, also known as Androgenital Alopecia is a hair disorder, which commonly causes progressive hair loss. However in certain cases the hair loss becomes prominent at a younger age i.e. between 20 and 30. This can happen due to reasons like:

a)    Extensive use of helmet.

b)    Water and air pollution.

c)    Stress.

d)    Scalp infections.

e)    Illness like typhoid or jaundice.

f)    Overuse of shampoo or dyes.

g)    Hereditary.

     In the cases where heredity is the major cause of hair loss, Care n Care gives medication, which will totally prevent further hair loss and preserves the remaining hair. Also restoring his hair at least upto that age at which his parents or relatives started losing hair and thus delay the process of baldness.

       Alopecia Diffusa is the hair loss seen commonly in ladies, wherein there is hair fall from all over the scalp leading to diffused thinning of the hair. The common causes are:

                           a)    Anaemia i.e. iron deficiency.

                           b)    Hormonal imbalance.

                           c)    Post-Partum i.e. after childbirth or at menopause.

                           d)    Stress.

                           e)    Illness like jaundice, typhoid, thyroid disorders etc.

                           f)    Water, air pollutions, over use of shampoos, dyes and

                                  hair dryers.

    Care n Cure has a very effective treatment for Alopecia Diffusa. In addition to control of hair loss and re-growth of hair, it can also help improve your iron levels, correct hormonal imbalances and regulate menstrual cycle.

        Alopecia Aerata is an autoimmune disorder, which leads to patchy loss of hair in the form of round circular patches, which sometimes rapidly increases in size leading to total baldness, a condition known Alopecia Totalis. This can even lead to hair loss. This may in turn lead to hair loss from other parts like moustache and eyebrows.

         Both Alopecia Aerata and Alopecia Totalis are treated by Care n Cure with a very high success rate. It may even lead to complete restoration of hair. In addition to medication for the above ailments we also suggest a comprehensive list of guidelines with respect to things like frequency of hair wash, diet specifications and exercise aimed at hair improvement.




Care n Cure has a high success in the treatment of gray (white hair). Whichever hair has grayed cannot be turned black but definitely can be prevented from further graying.




Care n Cure offers a good treatment for elimination and total control of dandruff, which is one the reasons for hair loss.  




Care n Cure has a high success rate in the treatment for reducing weight by the way of simple imported medications, which helps in dissolving excess cholesterols and fats from the body and thus reducing the weight by the way of our effective imported homeopathic medication at the range varying from 4-5 kgs a month or even more.

    Dr.Josy Joy's care'n' cure homeo clinic is perhaps the only homoeopathic superspeciality clinic in india offering very effective dr.josy joy's formula for reducing weight.A weight loss upto 4kgs per month can be obtained by taking these medicines which dr.josy joy formulated after testing on hundreds of overweight[obese] cases.These medicines are totally free from side effects unlike weight redcution using machines which can even lead to heart failure and other serious complications.





 Care n Cure has been effectively treating Psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder, which occurs due to the deficient immunity. Such skin lesions come in the form of silvery while scaly lesions. So many cases which are incurable using allopathic treatment or by means of external applications has been cured successfully at our clinic. As the root cause of the disease has to be treated by way of Homoeopathic medications, which builds up his body's immune mechanism as external application that is done by allopaths, which will not go into the root cause of the problem.




  Leucoderma is also an autoimmune disorder where there is deficient production of the pigment known as melanin, which usually gives the normal color to the skin. In fact no other system of medicine is having a reliable treatment for Leucoderma other than Homoeopathy. We are getting marvelous results by treating with Homoeopathic medications, which helps turning colored patches to normal skin color.




  Care n Cure has got very good treatments for both dry type of Eczema and oozing wet type of Eczema for all ages.




   Care n Cure offer very god treatment for pimples seen of face, back and chest occurring frequently during puberty stage. It occurs in the forms of reddish, postural, painful eruptions. Infection can occur because of scratching, pinching or squeezing lesions. We give oral medications, which covers the root cause of problems and thus clears the pimples and scars instead of mere suppressive cream treatment advised by allopaths.




  We offer very effective medications for controlling and curing Asthma rather than suppressing the complaints by way of using bronco dilations and inhalers as prevalent in allopathic treatment and which in turn results in numerous side effects. We offer very safe and painless treatments with zero aftermaths using Homoeopathic medications.




  For both these ailments we provide very effective medications thus control the accumulation of puss in the sinus cavities and thus cure headache. Many cases referred for sinus operation have been successfully treated by our Homoeopathic medicines, thus preventing operation and curing them totally.




    We offer very effective medication for swelling of the tonsils, which is seen both in children and adults. Many cases advised for Tonsillectomy (removal of the Tonsil gland) by the allopaths have been very effectively treated by our Homoeopathic medicines without any side effects or complications and preventing further recurrence of the complaint.




We provide excellent medicines with zero side effects for swelling and inflammation of the joints like arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis and thus curing arthritis occurring at any age.




  Skin blackening is due to the increased production of the pigment known as melanin. Our oral medications help in controlling this excess production of melanin and thus bringing back the original complexion of the skin without any side effects.




 Care n Cure has excellent medications for allergy to dust, smoke, food particles, pollen, etc. These oral medications help in controlling and curing allergies completely.





  We offer excellent medicines for piles (swelling of the rectal veins). Many cases referred for operation and cryosurgery has been very effectively treated by the way of our oral Homoeo medicines with no side effects.




      We offer effective exclusive homoeopathic medicines for menstrual cycle disorders in females like irregular periods, late or prolonged periods, too early periods, profuse bleeding and scanty periods.


      We offer effective exclusive proven  medicines for persons suffering from diabetes and these medicines will help to maintain their blood sugar level within the normal level without causing any sort of side effects or complications.




      We offer clinically proven exclusive homoeopathic medicines for treating impotency and sterility very effectively by treating the various causes like low sperm count and of sterility like salpingitis, congenital defects of the female genitalia, fibroid uterus, irregular periods etc .




Other ailments for which Care n Cure excels in are acidity, heartburn, warts, worm troubles usually found in children and for irritable bowel syndrome.