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Our customers had been constantly asking us for membership with Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic. Keeping it in mind we are proud to announce three membership cards namely Silver, Gold and Platinum cards, depending upon the validity of the card. We offer discounts for various treatment if joined as a member under the following schemes. By joining the scheme members will be entitled for discounts and can undergo treatments absolutely FREE OF COST . The membership card can be obtained by sending a demand draft or cheque in favor of Care 'n' Cure Health Clinic, Bangalore
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Hair fall and baldness
Graying of hair
Pimples (acne)
Sinusitis & migraine
Discoloration of skin
Allergic complaints
Menstrual disorders
Impotency and sterility
Skin and Cosmetic Clinic Bangalore 2 times Slimming treatments done with machines and vibrators create serious side effects like heart problems and other cardiac disorders as per,2 times national awardee.So public may be cautious before taking such treatments. 2 times national award winner for homoeopathy and trichology and cosmetology provides specialised award winning time tested homeopathic treatments for slimming, inchloss, over weight, hairloss, dandruff, grey hairs, obesity, pimples, black discolouration of skin due to sun burn and melanin pigmentation dissorder, psoriasis, white patches of skin, warts, etc. online consultation also provided.

*Medicines are couriered on request to any destination. visit for online consultation and medicines. contact: Dr.Joy's care n cure health clinic,no:269,1st floor,shirdi sai baba mandir road,cambridge layout,ulsoor,bangalore-8,India.


Homeopathy will act like a bullet. As per my observation, homeopathic medicines are the

fastest acting medicines provided the medicines selected are perfect to the case by a qualified

experienced homeopathic doctor having a Bachelor's degree in homeopathic medicine and

surgery from a recognised homeopathic medical college which is a 5 and a 1/2 degree course.

What happens many times is that the medicines selected are inappropiate and by the time the

correct medicines are selected and given, a good amount of time is wasted.


Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, like the western system of medicines.

These can be taken even during fasting or even by pregnant women. Dr.Samuel Hahnemann,

the father of homeopathy was a allopathic doctor from Germany who being fed up of the side

effects of western medicines eventually led him to the discovery of homeopathic system of

medicine. Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole and not part by part as western medicine

treats. Homeopathy treats the diseased individual holistically rather than treating only the disease

as done by western medicine.


I have seen such cases of polycystic ovaries having lots of hair falling and thinning of hairs for which they resort to all sort of gimmick external treatments on scalp available like oil application,polarised  and ozone rays treatment,mesotheraphy etc when the actual cause of such hairloss is due to the hormonal changes inside the body due to the polycystic ovaries  or irregular periods which has to be treated internally and not externally.Remember any external treatment for hairloss is a foolish way of  treating hairloss as causes of all the hairloss whether it is male or female is  always internal and has to be treated with internal medicines and never  by external  methods as many people  blindly believe. Diagnosis of reasons of your hairfall should be by proper blood tests and ultra sound scan and never by a trichoscan.External treatment of hairfall is just like applying paint on ice.

For the hairloss and thinning of hairs,alopecia diffusa due to polycystic ovaries and other causes's exclusive homeopathic award winning medicines have given superb results which you donot get elsewhere.  Many cases of polycystic ovaries are having excess body weight due to the hormonal imbalance for which i see people going to gym for reducing the excess weight where the actual cause is their hormonal imbalance due to ovary cysts, fatty liver and other thyroid imbalances which has to be corrected by internal homeo medicines. offers very excellent exclusive homeopathic award winning medicines for reducing weight and for correcting thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism which you canot get elsewhere.

*The's time tested medicines given for slimming,inch loss etc are 100% safe and doesnot have any sort of side effects like allopathic medicines.This is our assurance.Those who are fed up after going to gym and machine treatments for weightloss have greatly benefited from these's award winning medicines.

*Kindly note that any superficial treatments like laser treatment ,polarised rays on scalp,oiling of scalp will never cause any hairgrowth or improvement in your hair density as per's clinical expertise. *Hairloss is purely an internal disorder and not an external problem as many people think.
Public may be cautious of such gimmicks.